The fundraising group

The Leitbild-AG at the Einstein-Gymnasium Kehlzoom

The association was founded by the Leitbild-AG at the Einstein-Gymnasium Kehl. They were looking for the possibility to put social responsibility into action.
Because of the long standing personal contact of certain members of the group with the children’s home “Openhand” in Nairobi, the partnership between our two institutions began. Our main focus is on the “Openhand” orphanage, because their space and financial resources are both limited.

Karibu Openhand e.V. only works on a voluntary basis. The administration is only basic, so the money goes straight to the children in need.


Phone +49 (0) 7851 / 99470

Our account

Karibu Openhand e.V.
IBAN: DE80 6645 1862 0010 5721 72
Sparkasse Hanauerland


Förderverein Karibu Openhand. e.V. · Einstein-Gymnasium Kehl · Haydnstr. 3 · 77694 Kehl / Germany · Phone +49 (0) 7851 / 99470 ·